LG unveils first Android handset

Android announcements are coming through by the boatload at the moment, with South Korea’s LG Electronics the latest to join the throng on Monday with the announcement of its first Android-based device.

Vodafone demos augmented reality Android game

Augmented reality is one of the big buzzwords of the moment – using a camera-equipped mobile handset to overlay information on the real world, such as location sensitive data or directions.

Facebook makes friends with FriendFeed

Competition is getting heated in the real time search space as monster social network Facebook snapped up FriendFeed for an undisclosed sum.

Andy Rubin, head of mobile platforms, Google

Google tends to get what it wants, and what it wants from Andy Rubin is a smartphone platform that can rival the likes of Symbian and Apple. Rubin’s Android platform has offered an alternative to handset vendors concerned that, by sticking with Symbian, they will effectively be strengthening Nokia, their number one competitor.

Android set to take over the home

It looks like Google intends to take itself into the heart of home entertainment, using Android as a platform to launch itself into the living room.

Microsoft, Yahoo team up for search and advertising

The long rumoured partnership between Microsoft and Yahoo has finally come to pass, but not as a merger. Instead, the two companies will combine their search and advertising experience to take on the might of Google.

Moto ratchets up Android strategy

Troubled vendor Motorola sank yet more resources into the Android platform on Friday, moving to accelerate the development of apps for Android-based Moto handsets to be released later this year.

Netbook vendors jump on Google Chrome OS

Google has already won support from a handful of key players in the netbook and mobile computing spaces for its newly announced operating system.

Google unveils plans to dominate devices

Web giant Google must have sent the mother of all shivers down Microsoft’s spine on Tuesday, when it announced plans to launch a full fledged operating system in 2010.

Google targets in-app advertising

While mobile advertising has so far proven something of a slow burn, the rise of the app store in 2009 is expected to bring in-application advertising to the forefront of the industry.

Smartphones sales buck credit crunch trend

Throughout 2009, smartphones are expected to buck the downward trend that has beset the rest of the handset market as the majority of consumers cut spending in the face of the global economic downturn.

Acer confirms Android handsets, netbooks

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Acer has confirmed plans to launch a range of smartphones based on the Android platform in the fourth quarter of this year.

Google says 2009 will be strong year for Android

Web giant Google has promised that 2009 is going to be the year Android comes into its own, which may cheer up industry watchers disappointed by a weak showing from the platform so far.

Android gets virtual keyboard support

Web giant Google gave developers a sneak preview of the next generation of the Android platform this week, based on the much hyped ‘cupcake’ branch of the operating system.

Web giants call for VoIP over 3G

A gang of web giants are up in arms over operator attitudes towards Voice over IP (VoIP) applications on mobile networks.

Google cuts Android tethering app loose

To date it’s been Apple that has come under fire for the draconian vetting process prospective applications have to endure to make it into the App Store. But this week Google is taking flack from the developer community after banning a tethering application for Android.

Now Google wants your phone calls

Web monster Google is planning to expand its presence in the telephony space using its 2007 acquisition of GrandCentral as a platform.

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