Apple does Google a favour; FTC clears AdMob deal

US watchdog the Federal Trade Commission has closed its investigation of Google’s proposed acquisition of mobile advertising network AdMob, concluding that the deal is unlikely to harm competition in the nascent mobile advertising market.

Verizon favours Android for tablet device

By Thursday morning the internet was abuzz with speculation that US carrier Verizon Wireless is collaborating with Google on the development of an iPad rival.

Nexus One will not be available on Verizon

Google has announced on a blog posting that a version of its Nexus One handset that is compatible with US carrier Verizon’s CDMA network will now not be made available. When the handset was launched in January this year, Google said that it would be partnering with Verizon to distribute the phone “in the future”. The announcement raises questions over Google’s commitment to a CDMA-based version of the Nexus One.

Sprint: “Put us down for the Nexus One too”

Not to be outdone by the announcement that North American operators AT&T and Rogers (and Bell and Telus) will be getting the Google-branded Nexus One, US carrier Sprint has revealed similar plans.

Motorola taps Microsoft for Android apps

All’s fair in love and war, and Motorola may owe its recent upswing to the Google-backed Android platform, but this week the resurgent handset vendor hopped into bed with Microsoft, to deploy Bing on Android devices.

Google launches social network by stealth

No surprises here, but on Tuesday evening Google launched its own social network, capitalising on its existing Gmail user base and expanding mobile presence.

Hands on with the Nexus One

The Nexus One is Google’s first own brand Android device. It also serves as a showcase of what can be done by tightly integrating Google services with the hardware, giving us a glimpse of what the Android platform might be capable of in the future.

WiMAX not dead: Clearwire scores $920m more in funding

US WiMAX pin up Clearwire said this week it has secured an additional $920m in debt financing, which in addition to the recently announced $1.56bn in financing gives it $1.85bn to further expand its network.

Developers get preview of Google Chrome OS

Open source fever continues to grip the industry as web giant Google on Thursday open sourced its forthcoming operating system and released preview code to developers ahead of the platform’s official launch in 2010.

Google grabs Gizmo Project

Google has increased its presence in the web telephony space with the acquisition of VoIP pioneer Gizmo5.

Delivering data by air and sea

During the keynotes and panel sessions on the morning of the first day of the Africa Com event in Cape Town, it became clear that non voice services hold much potential not just as a revenue generator, but also as a customer retention tool in Africa.

Orange puts Google on homescreens

Search giant Google got a major boost in the mobile market on Wednesday, when Orange announced a deal to put Google Mobile App on the homescreens of customers in Europe.

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