Microsoft amps up Zune with radio tagging

Software giant Microsoft has upped its game in the portable music player space, giving the Zune device new features to better compete against market leader Apple. A new firmware update to be released next week will allow US Zuners to tag songs they hear over the device’s FM radio for later purchase. New features will […]

Microsoft sets mobile services in sights

Tech giant Microsoft is taking another crack at the mobile services market, with an initiative to deliver applications to vertical industries via carrier partnerships. On Wednesday, the Redmond Giant unveiled its Connected Services Accelerator Program – a collaboration with independent software vendors (ISVs), developers and operators. The first project will see Microsoft collaborate with Singaporean […]

BT brings Vision to Xbox

Microsoft teamed up with UK incumbent telco BT on Monday, announcing a plan to deliver IPTV and HD movie services to Xbox 360 users. The partnership will enable BT Broadband customers to use an Xbox 360 to access the BT Vision IPTV service and its library of on demand content. The service will be made […]

Microsoft Zumobi platform goes into beta

Microsoft spin off Zumobi has pushed its mobile widget platform into the beta stages, with a release of the platform that can be downloaded by consumers. The beta version of Zumobi, launched with 75 partner widgets, or ’tiles’, as the company calls them. These tiles work in much the same way as widgets do on […]

Microsoft buys Musiwave for $46m

Perhaps feeling the pressure of Google’s advance into the mobile space, Microsoft spent $46m on the acquisition of mobile music firm Musiwave on Thursday. The Redmond Giant bought the entertainment unit off mobile software and applications developer Openwave Systems. “Musiwave’s strong customer relationships, superior quality of services, and leadership position in mobile music were attractive […]

Untapped mobile broadband device market discovered

Mobile trade body the GSM Association (GSMA) and Microsoft believe that the addressable market for laptops with built in mobile broadband is in the region of 70 million units worldwide, amounting to some $50bn in potential revenues. The research released Tuesday claims to have discovered a ‘gap’ of potentially 46.5 million units between existing industry […]

Microsoft targets enterprise mobile space

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer was whipping up support for Windows Mobile in the enterprise space on Monday, unveiling a whole bunch of business offerings at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment Summit in San Francisco. The company announced a dedicated mobile device management server, Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008, designed to help companies […]

Microsoft brings unified communications to enterprise

Software giant Microsoft unleashed its unified communications suite, of which VoIP is the central core, upon the industry on Tuesday evening. At an event in the US, Bill Gates, chairman, and Jeff Raikes, president of the Business Division, announced the worldwide availability of Microsoft’s unified communications software. The suite includes Office Communications Server 2007, which […]

Microsoft, LogicaCMG dish up web services

IT services specialist LogicaCMG jumped into bed with Microsoft on Tuesday, launching a web services initiative called “The Service Factory”. At least we think it’s a web services platform, the blurb in the announcement contained so many buzzwords we nearly shifted a paradigm trying to interpret it. “The Service Factory will enable telecommunications companies to […]

MySpace goes mobile for the masses

Fox Media’s social networking monster, MySpace, has opened up its mobile offering to all and sundry. As of Tuesday, the MySpace Mobile Web beta service has been live and serving ad-supported content, marking the first time that Fox has delivered an advertising platform to marketers looking to reach mobile web users. To date, MySpace has […]

Microsoft calls for white space validation

Proponents of so called ‘white space’ broadband, Microsoft and Philips, are pushing US communications agency the FCC to acknowledge their tests proving that the technology does not interfere with TV broadcasts. In August, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Philips and Dell, known as the White Space Coalition, submitted […]

Palm sets sights on Europe with 500v

Device manufacturer Palm lifted the curtain on its latest device on Wednesday, the Windows Mobile 6-powered Treo 500v. Built for a European audience – a market Palm has been trying to crack for some time – the device also heralds the main thrust of Microsoft’s push into the mass market. With its rounded corners, the […]

Palm kills off Foleo before launch

Handheld vendor Palm has decided to kill off its confusingly positioned Foleo notebook/smartphone companion device, jsust as the product was due to ship. In a note posted on the company’s blog last week, Ed Colligan, CEO of the manufacturer, said that it has become increasingly clear that the right path for Palm is to offer […]

Linux is fastest growing smartphone OS

Linux is expected to be the fastest growing smartphone operating system over the next 5 years, with a compound annual growth rate in excess of 75 per cent, according to industry analysts. By 2012, the Linux OS is forecast to account for nearly 31 per cent of all smart devices in the market, representing more […]

Nokia in bed with Microsoft

Microsoft scored a sizeable deal with Nokia on Tuesday, when the two announced a partnership that will put Microsoft’s raft of Windows Live services on a number of Nokia devices. With immediate effect, Nokia customers in 11 countries with compatible S60 devices can download a new suite of Microsoft products, including Windows Live Hotmail, Windows […]

Skype apologises to Microsoft

Internet telephony player Skype has issued something of an apology, after seemingly blaming Microsoft for the massive outage, which made its network unavailable for nearly 48 hours last week. Skype said the disruption was triggered by a restart of massive numbers of Skype users’ computers within a very short timeframe after they all received a […]

Skype points finger over outage

Internet telephony provider Skype is back on its feet after a major outage last week and the company is laying the blame on Microsoft. Apparently, the disruption was triggered by a restart of massive numbers of Skype users’ computers within a very short timeframe after they all received a routine set of patches through Windows […]

White space net box was broken

Microsoft has resubmitted its ‘white space’ broadband device to the FCC for testing, claiming that the original, which failed the test, was broken. Last week, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft and Dell, and known as the White Space Coalition, submitted a gadget that can be used to receive […]

Nokia adds PlayReady to DRM lineup

Finnish vendor Nokia has added support for Microsoft’s PlayReady digital rights management (DRM) technology to its S60 and Series 40 device platforms. The Finnish company claims that by supporting PlayReady it will be easier for content owners and service providers “to offer premium digital content and enable more flexible business models, such as renting content […]

Microsoft VoIP plan moves into final phase

Microsoft announced that its Office Communications Server 2007 and Office Communicator client are code complete and were released to manufacturing on Friday. The move shift’s Microsoft’s unified communications strategy, of which VoIP is the ventral core, into its final phase before launch in the autumn. Speaking to telecoms.com at the ITU 2006 event in Hong […]


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