Nokia tuning up music service

It looks increasingly like Nokia may be taking more steps into the content market and if rumours are correct, attempting to take on Apple’s iTunes service. The rumour mill evidently got going when invites began dropping into the mailboxes of the telecoms media. Nokia is throwing a launch party on August 29, the night is […]

Nokia sticks boot into Qualcomm

Following Broadcom’s recent patent victory over Qualcomm, Finnish vendor Nokia has escalated its complaint against the CDMA pioneer to the US International Trade Commission (ITC), hoping for a similar result. Nokia alleges that Qualcomm has engaged in unfair trade practices and has infringed five Nokia patents in its CDMA and WCDMA/GSM chipsets. Nokia is requesting […]

Nokia issues hot battery warning

Nokia, the world’s leading handset vendor, issued a recall of 46 million phone batteries on Tuesday, after reports of overheating came flooding in. The product advisory applies to the 46 million Nokia-branded BL-5C battery manufactured by Japanese vendor, Matsushita Battery Industrial, between December 2005 and November 2006. The Finnish firm admitted that there have been […]

Nokia dives into Mosh pit

Finnish vendor Nokia continued its foray into the social networking space this week, with the beta launch of its own social network. In a typically Finnish reference to the heavier, darker side of music, the service has been dubbed Mosh and apparently aims to fill the gap between mobile and desktop-based social networking. Nokia, as […]

Nokia revises chipset strategy

Finnish vendor Nokia introduced a licensing and multisourcing model for its chipset strategy on Wednesday, discontinuing parts of its own chipset development operations and increasing its reliance on third parties. Nokia said the move would allow it to focus on its core competence in modem technology and invest in R&D areas besides radio technology, such […]

Nokia adds PlayReady to DRM lineup

Finnish vendor Nokia has added support for Microsoft’s PlayReady digital rights management (DRM) technology to its S60 and Series 40 device platforms. The Finnish company claims that by supporting PlayReady it will be easier for content owners and service providers “to offer premium digital content and enable more flexible business models, such as renting content […]

Moto’s loss is Nokia’s gain

Nokia edged closer to its goal of 40 per cent share of the handset market this week, after reporting strong results for the devices business. Head honcho Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo estimated that the Finnish vendor’s share of the handset market rose from 34 per cent to 38 per cent in the last 12 months, with much […]

Nokia warns over jealous PCs

Who would have thought Nokia had a sense of humour? The typically dour Finnish firm has launched a campaign for its N95 superphone based on the concept that other pieces of computer hardware are jealous of the device. Over at, Nokia has set up a faux ‘global warning’ page on the dangerous jealous computer […]

Nokia socialises with Twango

Finnish vendor Nokia upped its game in the social networking space on Tuesday with the acquisition of US-based media sharing service Twango. Twango is a platform for organising and sharing photos, videos and other personal media and gives Nokia a tool to allow users to share multimedia content through their desktop and mobile devices. Twango […]

Truphone scores against T-Mobile

The mobile VoIP community drew first blood against the incumbent carriers this week, when a UK court forced T-Mobile to interconnect with Truphone. Last month, the VoIP provider complained that T-Mobile had started blocking connections to Truphone’s new 07978 number range, following a dispute over the interconnect fees T-Mobile would pay to connect a call […]

Vodafone and the Nokias team up on banking

Policy makers are being called upon by leading international mobile network operator Vodafone and the world’s number one handset manufacturer Nokia, in combination with its networks sibling Nokia Siemens Network, to change regulations in order to encourage financial transactions via mobile phones. The pressure for change outlined in a jointly produced report includes details of […]

Nokia assumes trident formation

Finnish vendor Nokia said Wednesday it will implement a new corporate structure in the new year. Effective January 1, 2008, three new divisions will combine to form the Devices & Services arm of Nokia, which will sit alongside Nokia Siemens Networks. The three constituent units will be Devices, Services & Software and Markets. The re-organisation, […]

Nokia Bluetooths Wibree

Nokia’s Wibree Forum will merge with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) it was announced late Tuesday. The Finnish mobile giant first revealed the ultra low power wireless technology, Wibree, back in October 2006, claiming that it would complement the Ericsson-developed Bluetooth. It would seem Nokia has had little traction with what described at […]

Nokia ships N77 DVB-H device

Leading handset vendor Nokia has started shipping its N77 DVB-H enabled device in its homeland of Finland, the company said Monday. The terminal was announced in Barcelona at the 3GSM World Congress as part of a raft of new handset offerings. Later this month the device will start shipping in Vietnam and India, two countries, […]

Nokia kicks Qualcomm while it’s down

Finnish equipment manufacturer Nokia took the opportunity to put the boot into Qualcomm again on Monday, claiming that the embattled chip firm is infringing Nokia patents in its broadcast media business. US chip vendor Qualcomm is still dealing with the fallout after the International Trade Commission (ITC) banned the import of future 3G handsets using […]

Nokia cheers mobile widgets uptake

Finnish handset giant Nokia said Friday that it has racked up 1 million registered users to its WidSets platform worldwide. WidSets was born out of Nokia’s Emerging Business Unit and launched in October. The platform uses widgets, or mini-applications, to deliver up to date internet content to mobile phones. The platform is handset manufacturer independent […]

Nokia goes on offensive against Qualcomm

Finnish vendor Nokia fired its counterstrike against chip giant Qualcomm on Thursday. The pair have been locked in a bitter dispute, with Nokia maintaining that its products do not infringe either of the two Qualcomm patents named in the suit and asserting that both patents are invalid. On Thursday, Nokia made patent counter assertions against […]

Nokia to shift more handsets in Q2

Nokia, the world’s biggest handset vendor, said on Monday it expects its market share for the mobile devices sector in the second quarter to increase. The Finnish giant said it expects its share to increase from its estimated 36 per cent stake at the end of the first quarter, rather than remaining flat, as the […]

Unplug me, I’m full, says Nokia phone

Finnish mobile giant Nokia is playing the green card this week, with a trio of devices that remind the user to unplug the phone charger once the battery is full. The technology will first appear in the Nokia 1200, 1208 and 1650 but will also be rolled out across the whole product range. The company […]

Nokia: Emerging with style

As if a reminder was needed of the importance of emerging market growth at a time when developed markets are saturated, Nokia on Thursday launched seven new products that, it claims, “provide functions and features specifically designed for consumers in these markets”. The launch was held in New Delhi, re-emphasising the importance of India to […]


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