Qualcomm: Broadcom settlement unlikely

US chip shop Qualcomm said on Wednesday that a settlement with rival vendor Broadcom is unlikely, because of the potential impact on the CDMA pioneer’s licensing business. During its quarterly results announcement on Wednesday, the big Q said that it would continue to defend itself from Broadcom’s attempts to obtain an injunction precluding the sale […]

Verizon sidesteps Qualcomm ban

US cellco Verizon Wireless has ceased its attempts to overturn the recent ban on Qualcomm chips and has signed a licensing agreement with US chip shop Broadcom instead. Verizon said it made the deal so it can continue to sell 3G handsets. Last month, the International Trade Commission (ITC) banned the import of new 3G […]

WiMAX boss blasts Qualcomm

WiMAX Forum boss Ron Resnick bombarded Qualcomm with criticism at a meeting with analysts in London on Wednesday. No surprises there, Qualcomm is a strong opponent of WiMAX and Resnick is paid to promote it, so comity was never on the cards. “It’s being used now to slow down WiMAX deployments,” was his response to […]

3 to launch BREW on X-Series

Hutchison Whampoa’s 3G unit, 3, has agreed to deploy Qualcomm’s BREW content delivery platform across a bunch of its X-Series devices. Using BREW, 3 plans to embed applications on the handset to deliver a more integrated user experience, which in turn will encourage take up of services, the operator said. Qualcomm claims that BREW changes […]

PCCW has a go with MediaFLO

Hong Kong telco PCCW said Monday it is testing Qualcomm’s MediaFLO broadcast mobile TV system. The operator’s HKT (Hong Kong Telecom) division is something of a specialist in IPTV, having launched IPTV services in September 2003 and built up a portfolio of 130 channels. The MediaFLO trials are intended to run until November and will […]

US fallout from Qualcomm chip ban

South Korean handset manufacturers LG Electronics and Samsung are understood to be lobbying for a suspension on the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) ban of 3G phones using Qualcomm chips. The ban came into force on Friday after the ITC found Qualcomm guilty of infringing patents held by rival Broadcom. Both LG and Samsung are expected […]

Nokia kicks Qualcomm while it’s down

Finnish equipment manufacturer Nokia took the opportunity to put the boot into Qualcomm again on Monday, claiming that the embattled chip firm is infringing Nokia patents in its broadcast media business. US chip vendor Qualcomm is still dealing with the fallout after the International Trade Commission (ITC) banned the import of future 3G handsets using […]

Feds ban Qualcomm chips

US chip shop Qualcomm was struck another blow on Thursday as a US federal agency banned the import of new 3G phone models using chips made by the firm. The ban, set by the International Trade Commission (ITC), came into effect Friday but will only become final after 60 days. During that time, Qualcomm will […]

Patent disputes may hurt 3G

US chip shop Qualcomm suffered a major blow on Tuesday, when a US federal jury awarded rival Broadcom $19.64m in damages and found Qualcomm guilty of infringing three Broadcom patents. The jury ruled that the three patents, related to cellular baseband chips and software, are valid and found Qualcomm’s infringement to be willful. As a […]

Qualcomm to invest in startups

Qualcomm’s investment arm has pledged to commit Eur100m to European small and medium sized enterprises and startups working on the 3G WCDMA platform. The outfit is targeting mobile application and platform software developers, handset components, network infrastructure and core technologies providers. In addition to cash, Qualcomm Ventures will also provide companies with strategic guidance, advice […]

Nokia goes on offensive against Qualcomm

Finnish vendor Nokia fired its counterstrike against chip giant Qualcomm on Thursday. The pair have been locked in a bitter dispute, with Nokia maintaining that its products do not infringe either of the two Qualcomm patents named in the suit and asserting that both patents are invalid. On Thursday, Nokia made patent counter assertions against […]

Fists keep flying between Nokia, Qualcomm

In the increasingly tedious patent licensing dispute between mobile giants Nokia and Qualcomm, the mud keeps flying. Qualcomm on Thursday rejected Nokia’s $20m payment, which the Finn offered as an as an advance payment on Qualcomm royalties. The US chip shop maintains that both the amount of the payment and the terms that Nokia is […]

Nokia, Qualcomm still at loggerheads

Chip giants Nokia and Qualcomm are falling out big time over payments for patented technologies in 3G handsets. On Thursday, Nokia said that it has paid Qualcomm $20m for patent licenses covering the second quarter 2007, stemming from licensing agreements from 1992 that partially expired on April 9. However, Qualcomm feels that it has been […]

Qualcomm hits Nokia with more lawsuits

Qualcomm said Tuesday that it had filed more lawsuits against Finish mobile manufacturer, Nokia. The move comes a week before the companies’ existing cross-licensing agreement expires. Qualcomm said the lawsuits relate to downloading applications and other content over a GPRS/EDGE wireless data network as well as speech encoders used in certain models of GSM mobiles. […]

Qualcomm polishes up Rev. B

US chip shop Qualcomm on Monday took the wraps off a Mobile Station Modem chipset supporting CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Revision B. Rev. B is set to deliver advanced capabilities for next generation data and multimedia services, with recent field tests boasting in average data rates of 9.3Mbps on the downlink over 5 MHz of spectrum. […]

Broadcom scores against Qualcomm

In on of the many ongoing patent dispute sagas between mobile vendors, Broadcom appeared to get one up on Qualcomm on Thursday, when a federal district court found that Qualcomm failed to disclose patents to an industry standards body. As a result, the court ruled that the vendor waived its rights to enforce two patents […]

Broadcom still after Qualcomm

Just when it looked like Broadcom and Qualcomm were getting around to burying the hatchet, Broadcom has reportedly gone before the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and called for a ban on US handset imports using Qualcomm chips. Broadcom is asking the ITC to block imports of handsets using Qualcomm EV-DO and WCDMA chipsets. Broadcom […]

Nokia still disputing Qualcomm patents

US chip shop Qualcomm is still being bounced from pillar to post over various patent disputes. No sooner had the company buried the hatchet with Broadcom, when Nokia filed complaints against the US vendor requesting “declarations that Qualcomm’s European patents are exhausted in respect of products placed on the European Union market with a Qualcomm […]

Qualcomm, Broadcom call off spat

US chip shops Qualcomm and Broadcom have agreed to settle their patent spat out of court, it emerged on Wednesday. The agreement comes a week before the two companies were due to appear in court. Neither firm has released details of a settlement. Qualcomm and Broadcom have been at loggerheads for some 18 months now, […]

BREW cooks up $1bn in revenues

Qualcomm said Monday that its BREW application and content delivery platform has become a billion dollar industry since the first commercial deployment of BREW services in November 2001. BREW has been commercially deployed by wireless operators in 31 countries around the world and last year broke into Europe. In September, O2 UK announced the availability […]


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