Qualcomm buys into femto shop

US chip vendor Qualcomm said Wednesday that it has made a strategic investment in femto and picocell manufacturer, ip.access. Terms of the investment were not disclosed. The Big Q joins existing investors Cisco, Intel Capital, ADC, Motorola Ventures, Scottish Equity Partners, Rothschild Gestion and Amadeus Capital Partners, with funding for ip.access’ latest bit of kit, […]

Qualcomm to shake up UK mobile TV market

US chip shop Qualcomm has got its hands on a 40MHz chunk of L-Band radio spectrum in the UK, presumably with the intention of pushing its own mobile TV platform in the market. The Big Q said Friday that it had paid £8.3m for the 1452-1492MHz spectrum recently auctioned by UK comms regulator Ofcom. There […]

Moto cosies up to Qualcomm again

Beleaguered kit vendor Motorola has made an about face on last year’s decision to drop Qualcomm from its suppliers list. On Wednesday the US handset and equipment vendor said that it is once again broadening its relationship with Qualcomm, with the aim of designing the big Q’s chipsets into certain UMTS 3G handsets from the […]

US 700MHZ spectrum auction draws 266 bidders

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released a list of 266 bidders for the forthcoming 700MHz spectrum auction. Among those companies listed as having accepted applications is Google Airwaves. Other interested parties include Alltel, AT&T, MetroPCS, Qualcomm, Verizon and investment company Vulcan Spectrum, which is headed up by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.  Google has said […]

Nokia gets one over on Qualcomm

Finnish handset maker Nokia claimed a victory over US chip shop Qualcomm on Wednesday, as the US International Trade Commission (ITC) issued a ruling that Nokia had not infringed three Qualcomm patents. Qualcomm filed suit against Nokia in 2006, alleging Nokia’s infringement on six patents. But the US chip vendor voluntarily withdrew three of the […]

Qualcomm unleashes Snapdragon

US chip shop Qualcomm began shipping its Snapdragon platform to device manufacturers on Wednesday. Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC is one of the first companies to sign up for the 3G chipset. The first two chipsets from the Snapdragon portfolio are the QSD8250 and QSD8650, which combine mobile data processing, multimedia, 3G connectivity and low levels […]

Qualcomm scores minor patent victory

The already clouded waters of cellular technology patent disputes were muddied further on Wednesday, when US chip shop Qualcomm scored a minor victory against Nokia. This week, the District Court in The Hague dismissed a complaint filed by Nokia seeking to limit Qualcomm’s intellectual property rights. Tensions between the two firms have been strained since […]

Disruptive influence

3G-only operator 3UK announced the global launch of the ‘Skypephone’ today. The handset, which features a dedicated Skype button, was developed by the VoIP player and network operator in partnership with Qualcomm, using the San Diego firm’s Brew platform. The announcement builds on 3UK’s reputation as an innovator and disruptive force. The Hutchison Whampoa-owned carrier […]

AT&T spends $2.5bn on 700MHz spectrum

US cellco AT&T paid out $2.5bn for a swathe of spectrum in the 700MHz band on Tuesday, positioning the carrier to offer new data services such as mobile TV. AT&T is acquiring the spectrum from Aloha Partners – “the largest owner of 700MHz spectrum in the US”. As part of the deal, AT&T will also […]

Qualcomm picks Apple lawyer

US chip shop Qualcomm said Friday that it has plucked a new senior legal advisor from Apple. Donald Rosenberg has been named executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, replacing Lou Lupin who resigned in August, less than a week after the Bush administration let stand the US International Trade Commission (ITC) order barring […]

Moto delays handset launch

It looks like beleaguered handset vendor Motorola is having yet more trouble. The company said Friday that it has had to delay the launch of its autumn collection of handsets due to “unforeseen circumstances”. Moto had been planning to unveil its new range of devices on October 3 at an event in London but something […]

Qualcomm chips back on the menu

Embattled US chip shop Qualcomm won a victory of sorts on Wednesday, when a federal judge granted a stay on the ban preventing the import of handsets containing Qualcomm chips. The stay pending appeal applies to third party handset manufacturers and operators that filed motions seeking limited exclusion from the order imposed by the ITC […]

Moto goes to Texas, freezes out Qualcomm

The bad news just keeps on coming for Qualcomm, with revelations this week that Motorola has removed the US chip vendor from its 3G suppliers list. In the short term, Moto is believed to be shifting its business to its own chipset spin off, Freescale Semiconductor, but in the long run, it looks like Texas […]

MediaFlo for the Maxis

Qualcomm has announced a trial of its MediaFlo mobile TV solution in Malaysia, where the vendor will be partnering with leading Malaysian operator Maxis Communications and TV network Astro. The trial is scheduled to begin in the Autumn of this year, and will feature 25 live content channels from Astro. The service will also offer […]

Nokia sticks boot into Qualcomm

Following Broadcom’s recent patent victory over Qualcomm, Finnish vendor Nokia has escalated its complaint against the CDMA pioneer to the US International Trade Commission (ITC), hoping for a similar result. Nokia alleges that Qualcomm has engaged in unfair trade practices and has infringed five Nokia patents in its CDMA and WCDMA/GSM chipsets. Nokia is requesting […]

Qualcomm lawyer makes quick exit

Qualcomm’s most senior legal advisor stepped down, just days after the US chip shop suffered a staggering defeat over its patent dispute case with rival Broadcom. Lou Lupin resigned his position as executive vice president and general counsel of Qualcomm on Monday. Less than a week before, the Bush administration let stand the US International […]

Nokia revises chipset strategy

Finnish vendor Nokia introduced a licensing and multisourcing model for its chipset strategy on Wednesday, discontinuing parts of its own chipset development operations and increasing its reliance on third parties. Nokia said the move would allow it to focus on its core competence in modem technology and invest in R&D areas besides radio technology, such […]

Bush backs Qualcomm ban

US chip shop Broadcom was probably celebrating on Monday evening after securing its victory over Qualcomm in the long running patent dispute between the two firms. On Monday, the Bush administration let stand the US International Trade Commission (ITC) order barring the importation of Qualcomm chips and phones containing those chips that infringe a Broadcom […]

Qualcomm: Broadcom settlement unlikely

US chip shop Qualcomm said on Wednesday that a settlement with rival vendor Broadcom is unlikely, because of the potential impact on the CDMA pioneer’s licensing business. During its quarterly results announcement on Wednesday, the big Q said that it would continue to defend itself from Broadcom’s attempts to obtain an injunction precluding the sale […]

Verizon sidesteps Qualcomm ban

US cellco Verizon Wireless has ceased its attempts to overturn the recent ban on Qualcomm chips and has signed a licensing agreement with US chip shop Broadcom instead. Verizon said it made the deal so it can continue to sell 3G handsets. Last month, the International Trade Commission (ITC) banned the import of new 3G […]


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