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By exploiting third party experts and mobile open source software, operators are free to concentrate on developing their core product offerings

Haste makes waste for value added services

Over the past three years, the mobile industry has seen a dramatic shake-up at every level, from phones to services. Apple has launched the iPhone, iPad and AppStore, Google introduced Android, and HTC has transformed from outsourcer to pioneering device maker.

Global mobile VAS revenues are set to rise from $200bn in 2009 to $340bn in 2014

Emerging markets driving VAS growth

Emerging markets will drive the growth of global mobile value-added-service (VAS) revenues from $200bn in 2009 to $340bn in 2014. With China, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Poland and the Ukraine expected to account for 36 per cent of such revenues at the end of the forecast period.

Dr Nasser Marafih, CEO of Qatar-based Qtel

Making data pay bit by bit

During the opening keynotes for the GSM>3G Middle East Telco World Summit recently, it became apparent that some of the heaviest hitters in the Middle Eastern region are looking to mobile data and other value added services (VAS) to stimulate future growth. Yet this drive will be powered by content because the regional operators are refusing to become so called ‘bit pipes’.

Ciena aiming to make service selection and delivery a smooth process for enterprise.

Value Added Services provide ARPU boost in Middle East

Value added services such as music subscription and online storage have the ability to provide fixed line carriers around the world with an opportunity to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty, at a time of intense competition.


What do you expect to be the hottest topic at Mobile World Congress 2015?

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