White Paper – Telefonica Peru Builds A Highly Reliable Enterprise Cloud Data Center

One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Telefónica, builds a highly reliable enterprise cloud data center in Peru in fast speed using Huawei’s Data Center Integration Services. The data center in the Lince district of Lima, Peru covers a total floor area of 6000 m². It is being built in three phases and contains 584 IT cabinets with 2600 kW of total IT power. Huawei adopted its total integration method of construction to ensure the overall progress and quality of the project that helped Telefonica achieve high-quality service rollout in a timely manner.

Telefonica Peru chose Huawei integration delivery services, which greatly improved the delivery efficiency of the Lince data center project. The first phase of the project was delivered with high quality within five months and passed acceptance at the first attempt, shortening the service rollout time by 15% and greatly increasing ROI.

After the first phase of the Lince data center was completed, Mr. Pedro Planas, CTO of Telefonica Peru, spoke highly of Huawei’s data center integration solution. He said Huawei is a trustworthy partner for Telefonica Peru since it has strong end-to-end integration capabilities from design to delivery and can help develop Telefonica’s cloud business.

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