T-Mobile increases UK prepay prices

T-Mobile UK will be increasing charges for its prepaid customers from the end of July, the company revealed this week.

‘Everyone’ call prices for Pay As You Go users will increase from 12p to 15p per minute from the end of July. While calls on the ‘Mates Rates’ package are increasing from 5p to 8p a minute from July 30, with a minimum call charge of 8p.

From July 16 a Mates Rates five day pass will increase to £7.50 from £5, giving users unlimited calls and texts to their mates on T-Mobile for 5 days. SMS prices will remain unaffected.

From September 26, T-Mobile will also start charging a flat rate of £1 for 24 hours of unlimited browsing on Web ‘n’ Walk, rather than charging per KB up to the £1 mark.

It has been suggested that Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile’s parent, is trying to squeeze more cash out of the mobile unit, to offset the losses being suffered by the German incumbent’s fixed line operations. It’s no secret that T-Mobile is the growth driver of the Deutsche Telekom Group.

During the first quarter, Deutsche Telekom saw profits plummet 58 per cent to Eur459m, as traditional fixed line customers continued to abandon the operator.


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