WiMAX Forum taps Clearwire expertise

The WiMAX Forum has launched an interoperability testing (IOT) certification programme, which will leverage Clearwire’s commercial WiMAX network experience to further ensure product interoperability in the 2.5GHz spectrum band.

In addition to contributing its technical expertise, Clearwire will share its extensive commercial network test cases to the WiMAX Forum, which will be used to validate interoperability for all submitted 2.5GHz mobile WiMAX products. As a result, WiMAX vendors will be able to test their WiMAX products against these proven test cases to ensure interoperability with a commercial network environment and rapidly take their WiMAX Forum Certified solutions to the marketplace.

“With this first-ever industry initiative, the WiMAX Forum and Clearwire together are showing our commitment to the global operator and vendor communities and underscoring how vital WiMAX Forum Certification is to ensuring quality of services and consumer experience,” says Ali Tabassi, Clearwire’s senior VP of global ecosystem and standards. “Toward this end, we will expect all WiMAX products to become IOT certified before entering an operator’s network.”

The interoperability programme benefits the participating vendors in several ways, says the WiMAX Forum. By reducing the cost and timelines associated with completing IOT, this activity translates into a reduction of product evaluation cycles, while allowing vendors to more quickly move products into the commercial marketplace.

“Operators around the world are lining up to require that WiMAX products become certified prior to introduction to their network to ensure interoperability,” said Ron Resnick, president and chairman of the WiMAX Forum. “The Clearwire partnership will ensure that 2.5GHz certified products are tested against expertise learned from a live network test bed, and it is our intention to expand this process to other spectrum bands in the future. Today, we’re seeing a steady increase of deployment momentum, and as evidence of this, we’re seeing WiMAX system and device suppliers continue their commitment to the introduction of new, WiMAX Forum Certified products.”

In separate news, Clearwire has announced plans to establish a 20- square mile WiMAX network in Silicon Valley this summer, dubbed the  ‘WiMAX Innovation Network’, so that developers can create and test new service using the operator’s mobile WiMAX network. Service will be offered free to a limited number of developers, while Clearwire is to work directly with Intel, Google and Cisco on the project.

Barry West, President of Clearwire will be delivering a keynote speech for the 2nd year running at the WiMAX Forum Global Congress on 2nd-3rd June in Amsterdam. The conference also features a brand new Technical Symposium, which will be sure to address all of the most pertinent issues regarding IOT and more. Download the brochure at

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