Maxis brings NFC payments to Malaysia

Malaysian mobile operator Maxis launched what it claims to be the world’s first commercial mobile payment system based on NFC (Near Field Communications) technology on Thursday.

Maxis FastTap is an integrated mobile payment service established under a partnership with Nokia, Visa, Maybank and Touch ‘n Go.

Available on the Nokia 6212 classic device, the NFC system allows users to purchase goods and services at more than 1,800 Visa payWave merchant locations as well as pay for toll, transit, parking and theme park charges at over 3,000 Touch ‘n Go points nationwide by waving their device over a reader at the point of sale.

The quick payment system is geared up for small item purchases up to a maximum of RM150 (Eur31) per transaction, as well as for ticketing and transportation payments.

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  1. Avatar jorge osow 14/04/2009 @ 1:30 pm

    Is there any standard on NFC? Please, let me know if any and where is it beyond this good news. Regards. Thanks a lot

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