Alcatel-Lucent clarifies position on mobile WiMAX

Speaking at the WiMAX Congress Asia event in Sinagpore this week, Valerie Layan, VP of next generation mobile access global
business support & strategy at Alcatel-Lucent, outlined the company’s ‘Enhanced Wireless DSL’ strategy for WiMAX, which includes the deployment of 802.16e infrastructure for voice and data services in fixed, nomadic and mobile environments within large metro and regional zones.

“There needs to be some clarification of our position,” said Layan, scotching some recent press speculation that Alcatel-Lucent had entirely backed off from WiMAX investment related to mobility following the company’s restructuring in December 2008 (although the supplier does see LTE as better suited for nationwide ‘4G’ mobile data and voice).

Layan says Alcatel-Lucent is currently supplying 802.16e kit for 15 commercial networks worldwide, the biggest of which is Packet One in Malaysia, and that it has a total of 36 mobile WiMAX contracts to its name. Layan adds that Alcatel-Lucent’s 802.16e base stations are interoperable with 23 CPE vendors (including seven chipset vendors) as part of its Open Device Programme, and it has seven WiMAX IOT (interoperability testing) centres up and running worldwide.


  1. Avatar Esme Vos 30/04/2009 @ 4:33 pm

    So who’s lying? The CEO or the VP of WiMAX biz dev? Is this the latest spin out of Alcatel-Lucent? One day this, the next day that, completely contradictory statements from the same company. I wonder why there needs to be any “clarification” on their position. For shareholders, suppliers and others who do business with Alcatel-Lucent, it’s not a clarification at all. It creates even more confusion and suspicion because from now on, you never know whether what they say is in fact what they mean.

  2. Avatar Jack McCracken 04/05/2009 @ 4:40 pm

    No one is lying. WiMAX is more developed. LTE is just barely getting started. So they shifted R&D spend from WiMAX to LTE. No big deal. The other part to the CEO’s message was that they see a strong case for WiMAX as “wireless DSL” – a poor way of explaining that they see more near-term opportunity for mobile WiMAX as a fixed/portable network, and less opportunity around WiMAX as a fully mobile network right away. That’s because ALU has not won business with the Clearwires and UQ’s of the world yet. So the VP is just clarifying things because the media exaggerates and distorts, if only because the message is not clear and the interpretation is off.

  3. Avatar simon muchoki 05/05/2009 @ 12:46 pm

    Its the chinese who have given them a run for their money,better they lose WiMAX than lose LTE to the chinese, thats explain their increased focus on LTE.

  4. Avatar major issues 07/05/2009 @ 8:26 pm

    There’s been so much fuss about Clearwire but, where are they today? I mean, they have launched Portland, Baltimore and Atlanta (along with Sprint)! How many subscribers they have? How does this compare to other WiMAX networks that started commercial operations several months ago? To me, Clear is a non-interesting case until they have a significant number of real subscribers, the rest is hype.

  5. Avatar Francis Njoroge 13/11/2009 @ 3:01 pm

    I didn’t see the fuss over LTE/WiMAX, we in the developing nations will not see LTE for another two years.
    If the Mobile WiMAX deployment can recoup its investment in 2 yrs, then WiMAX can be something good to work with.

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