PCCW has a go with MediaFLO

Hong Kong telco PCCW said Monday it is testing Qualcomm’s MediaFLO broadcast mobile TV system.

The operator’s HKT (Hong Kong Telecom) division is something of a specialist in IPTV, having launched IPTV services in September 2003 and built up a portfolio of 130 channels.

The MediaFLO trials are intended to run until November and will include commercial tests in an effort to demonstrate the business model for thesystem.

“We are at the forefront of new advanced interactive multimedia services and see mobile TV as a natural extension to our offerings,” said PaulBerriman, CTO of PCCW. “The Hong Kong market is ready for this type of service, which is complimentary to our 3G-based interactive multimedia services and we want to offer the best quality solution to our end-users.”

“MediaFLO’s demonstrated success in recent trials and deployments promises a compelling user experience that has the potential for widespread adoption in Hong Kong. This technical trial will evaluate our business model and content line-up with the goal of developing the right mix of services for a future mobile broadcast and interactive TVoffering,” he said.

Tipping the scales in its favour, the company has also got a secret weapon to drive TV adoption, English Premier League football rights.

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