O2 rolls out flat rate data plan

UK mobile operator O2 announced the details of its flat rate data packages on Thursday. O2 is the last of the UK network operators to introduce a flat rate service.

O2’s decision to introduce a data package is a result of the operator winning the contract to supply the Apple iPhone in the UK. After all, T-Mobile and 3 UK have had various data plans available for some time, while Orange and Vodafone got around to introducing their own in the summer.

The O2 Web Bolt On is available to prepay and postpay customers for £7.50 per month and is subject to a fair usage policy which operates above the 200MB line. O2 claims this is enough to serve approximately 1,400 internet pages per month.

For contract customers who want to use their phone as a modem or own a data card, O2 has also launched the O2 Web Max plan for £30 per month, with a fair usage policy of 3GB.

For a fixed cost of £10 per month, Unlimited BlackBerry customers can get access to the internet, with a fair usage policy which operates above 200MB.

Corporate customers also get 30 minutes of wifi access included in the Web Max package.

The packages will all be available from October 1.

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