Telekom Malaysia “fulfils HSBB obligations”

Jeremy Kung, EVP of Telekom Malaysia

Three years after launching Malaysia’s much-vaunted High-Speed Broadband Network, built in partnership with the national government, the country’s biggest telco has confirmed that it has now reached its target of 1.3 million homes passed and “fulfilled its obligations” in the venture.

Jeremy Kung, EVP of Telekom Malaysia

Jeremy Kung, Evp Of Telekom Malaysia

Speaking to IP&TV News this week, Jeremy Kung, Executive Vice President of Telekom Malaysia, said: “As of the end of 2012, Telekom Malaysia has now completed our obligations under the HSBB public-private partnership to roll-out 1.3 million premises passed.

“Since 2008, we have been focused on both rolling out the HSBB network and launching and pushing [triple-play service] ‘UniFi’, with tremendous success, with more than 35 per cent take-up at currently more than 517,000 customers.”

Kung adds that Telekom Malaysia now has over 2mn fixed broadband subscribers, with the remainder on its lower-speed ‘Streamx’ service, in line with the Malaysian government’s stated ambition to increase the household penetration rate of broadband in the country in tandem with its economic development objectives.

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