IT services specialist LogicaCMG jumped into bed with Microsoft on Tuesday, launching a web services initiative called “The Service Factory”.

At least we think it’s a web services platform, the blurb in the announcement contained so many buzzwords we nearly shifted a paradigm trying to interpret it.

“The Service Factory will enable telecommunications companies to deliver innovative, converged services with a consistent user experience across domains, and to embrace the Telco 2.0 concept by empowering network-based mashups,” the companies said.

It looks like the platform will be based on Microsoft’s Connected Services Framework, with Logica bringing its telecommunications know how to the table. The focus of the initiative seems to be enabling operators to efficiently and cost effectively develop and deploy next generation services. The Service Factory claims to offer a network-independent, flexible service creation and delivery environment.

“The telecoms sector is under intense pressure, and operators are looking for competitive advantage at every turn,” said Thomas Breuer, managing director of Telecoms and Media at LogicaCMG. “To do this quickly and remain one step ahead of the competition on a global scale, operators are looking to the larger IT suppliers for innovation and economies of scale.”