O2 UK is gearing up to launch its own brand broadband internet offering later this month and discounted prices for O2 subscribers have already leaked out.

Teething problems have dogged O2’s own branded fixed line broadband service. The operator has been forced to delay the launch of its service twice, with the offering now set to go live in a matter of weeks.

O2 got on the UK broadband bandwagon with the acquisition of ADSL provider Be for £50m, last summer.

Be is in the process of building its own national broadband network, and has rolled out to over 801 exchanges, giving its broadband network a population coverage of around 49 per cent, with 33,000 customers. Be was one of the first UK broadband providers to deploy ADSL2+, which allows it to offer speeds of up to 24Mbps.

Be currently offers an 8Mbps connection for £14 per month and a 24Mbps connection for £24. An additional service with a 2.5Mbps uplink is also available for £40 per month.

But reports suggest that O2 mobile subscribers will get a discount for buying between two and four services from the operator. It is expected that O2 will bundle an 8Mbps line for £10 per month, a 16Mbps line for £12 per month or an up to 24Mbps line for £15. The company is also expected to introduce fixed line voice and IPTV services to complete its quad play bundle.