Orange UK takes locks off music

UK mobile operator Orange has revealed plans to revamp its music store, taking the increasingly popular DRM-free approach to music distribution.

The Orange Music Store, which has already launched in its refreshed form in the UK, will offer around two million DRM-free tracks from labels including Universal  Music, Warner Music, Sony Music Entertainment and EMI Music, as well as a number of indie labels.

Customers now make one payment to receive two files: a DRM-free MP3 file for their PC and one over-the-air (OTA) download for the mobile phone. They can then use their purchased music however they like, listening to it on their mobile phone, sharing it with another PC, burning it to CD or transferring to any personal media player.

Following the UK launch, the new DRM-free music mtore will open in France, Switzerland, Romania, Slovakia, Portugal and other countries throughout 2009.

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