UK wireless broadband operator Pipex Wireless is rebranding its services as Freedom4 ahead of a expansion into Manchester.

Building on its existing presences in Milton Keynes and Warwick, Freedom4 is now gearing up to roll out its commercial offering in Manchester. The operator provides WiMAX-based internet services with symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 8Mbps.

In partnership with National Grid Wireless and Intel, the service provider has been trialling leased line replacement, VoIP and dedicated broadband.

The service provider is a joint venture between the Pipex ISP and Intel and is deploying WiMAX in the 3.6GHz spectrum in partnership with kit supplier Airspan Networks.

“WiMAX is an exciting technology, requiring a new approach to broadband delivery, so the time is right to launch our services with a fresh brand,” said Mike Read, CEO of Freedom4. “Over the next year, we believe that Freedom4 will become the name associated with broadband wireless internet and look forward to the next stage as our services are rolled out in Milton Keynes, Warwick, Manchester and other parts of the UK,” he said.