Telenor brings HD voice to Norwegian network

Operator group Telenor said it has become the first mobile operator in Norway to offer HD Voice across its network. HD Voice is an upgrade to mobile call audio designed to provide clearer sound quality during calls and filter out background noise.

The service is automatically available for all Telenor customers, free of charge. Users must have a phone that is HD Voice-compatible, though, as must the other person in the phone call.

“During the last few years, there has been a rapid development of mobile technology: we’ve got a faster network, smarter phones, and new services,” said Berit Svendsen, CEO of Telenor Norway.

“Soon there won’t be anything that you can’t do with your mobile phone. But one area has been lagging behind. Sound quality during calls has not seen any significant improvements since the introduction of GSM in the early 90s.”

She added that Telenor will now be “taking its customers on a journey of constantly improving sound quality” and working to ensure that more people are able to enjoy the benefits of the mobile sound quality of the future.

“The nuances in tone will be clear and the sound more lifelike,” she said, adding that those located in areas with a lot of background noise, such as cafés or close to traffic, will benefit greatly from HD Voice. Improved sound quality will also ensure fewer misunderstandings and will allow users to talk more quietly on the phone, Svendsen added.

Initially, only customers on Telenor’s 3G network will benefit from the new system. During the course of the year, customers using Telenor’s 2G network will also get the chance to use HD Voice, but there are few handsets that support the system on 2G.

Telenor Group also announced an expansion of its deal with Opera Software. The new agreement now includes Opera’s email, application store and payment solution to be embedded on feature phones.



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