Spotify coming to iPhone

Music streaming service Spotify has submitted an iPhone application to Apple for approval and inclusion in the vendor’s App Store.

Whether or not the software developer’s application will make it through Apple’s rigorous (and at times hard to fathom) approval process remains to be seen. Especially as Spotify could be seen as a competing product to Apple’s iTunes.

The company has uploaded a video giving a brief demonstration of the app, which it says is similar to the existing PC version of the service. However, whereas the PC version of the service is available in an ad-supported, free format, or an ad-free paid-for version, the iPhone iteration of the service will only be available to premium subscribers paying £9.99 per month for the service.

Spotify says the service works well over 3G and the iPhone version has the added benefit of an offline mode which allows users to download playlists to listen to in airplane mode or when outside of network coverage.

The company said it expects the app to be available within a few weeks, assuming Apple doesn’t think the service replicates the iPhone’s native functionality, or competes with other Apple products.

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