Orange’s latest Glasto gimmick

Orange UK has made a habit of showing up at the Glastonbury music festival with a variety of publicity-attracting gadgets.

In previous years there has been the ‘Text me home’ tent, which had an SMS activated beacon on the roof to make it easy to identify as well as a tent with solar panels for recharging your phone.

This year, perhaps accepting that wind and rain are more likely than sun at Glasto, the carrier has unveiled a tent with a folding wind turbine to generate electricity and charge up your phone.

The turbine itself charges a battery housed in a box through the day, which you then use to zap up the phone when you roll home, before stoking up the camp fire and breaking out the guitar.

The turbine weighs about 150 grams, and is mounted on a bracket atop the tent, supported by guy ropes. The blades are 30cm across and it also has some piezoelectric parts to derive power from the end thrust against the tent. It is estimated to take six hours to recharge the box with a 9mph wind, which should then recharge the phone within 1-2 hours.


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