Orange wristwatch phone is on its way

UK mobile operator Orange will introduce a futuristic wristwatch phone designed by LG on Thursday, August 27.

The LG Touchscreen Watchphone, also known as the LG-GD910, will go on sale at Orange’s Bond Street Station shop in London nest week.

The gadget boasts a scratch resistant touchscreen interface, which Orange claims is comfortable enough to use for text messaging, 3G connectivity, a VGA camera and an in built speaker and MP3/AAC player.

In true Dick Tracy fashion, voice and video calling is all voice operated, and presumably means bystanders will now be able to hear both sides of a conversation.

The device costs £500, and is available in limited quantities with a restriction of just one per customer.


  1. Avatar A Cook 02/09/2009 @ 3:39 pm

    How on earth do you dial, send texts etc….assuming the screen, albeit small has dialling/texting capability..
    Also assume you need a bluetooth headset?…
    Nice idea…but purely a marketing gizmo..

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