Nokia chooses Windows for laptop debut

Finnish mobile handset vendor Nokia confirmed expectations Monday with the launch of its first laptop product, the Booklet 3G.

Powered by Intel’s Atom processor and weighing in at 1.25kg, the Booklet runs Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It features HSPA and wifi connectivity as well as A-GPS and integrated Bluetooth.

Analysts said that Nokia’s decision to go with Windows, rather than a Linux-based OS, which had been anticipated, was the most surprising element of the announcement. But there was identifiable logic in the decision, they said.

“There has been some disappointment with Linux netbooks so far, ” said Carolina Milanesi, research director at Gartner. “Nokia’s brand is big in the mobile phone space but not in the PC space. Having Microsoft on board will give Nokia a little more strength in that market.”

While the Booklet represents Nokia’s bid to get a foothold in a new hardware sector, it is also designed to showcase the firm’s Ovi service portfolio. The launch, Nokia said, was “another important ingredient in the move towards becoming a mobile solutions company.”

Milanesi argued that the provision of a device and service ecosystem will be a key differentiator in the netbook space and will help Nokia to distinguish itself from the likes of Asus and Acer. But she added that Nokia is floundering at the top end of the mobile handset market, having not done enough to compete with the slick new wave of user interfaces led by Apple’s iPhone. “Usability issues have made it difficult for Nokia to exploit the potential of its phones,” she said.

Nokia will reveal more details about the new product at its upcoming Nokia World 09 event in September.


  1. Avatar Tech 25/08/2009 @ 1:06 am

    Looks sleek. It was only a matter of time before Nokia started making notebooks.

  2. Avatar vaporland 25/08/2009 @ 3:50 pm

    WHICH Windows? XP? Vista? Win7?

  3. Avatar Paul 26/08/2009 @ 5:54 pm

    “Nokia is floundering at the top end of the handset market” with only a 45% share of smartphones shipped last quarter according to Gartner’s own figures. Has Gartner been purchased by Apple – or have they lost the ability to do simple maths?

  4. Avatar Ed Runhar 28/08/2009 @ 7:46 am

    Nokia had the market about 10 years ago with their network-independent products. Remember the Nokia Data Suite? it had more functionality and practicality compared to the operator-driven applications that Nokia has now been reduced to churning. Nokia lost the plot a long time ago and they should go back to making gumboots.

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