Coke pops into mobile space

The Coca-Cola brand is set to weigh in on the mobile space with the launch of a mobile social networking site in the US and China.

The Sprite Yard, which will be marketed under the “Sprite” brand, has already launched in China and will go live in the US later this month.

Members of the community will have access to typical social networking facilities such as blogs, shared galleries, calendars discussion forums and SMS-based messaging.

The Sprite Yard will also feature exclusive downloadable content from ringtones to mobisodes that can be unlocked through a PIN found under the cap of bottles of Sprite.

“We know that when it comes to reaching teens, mobile is the medium. This program will enable us to connect with teens by putting Sprite both in their hand and in their phone,” adds Denis Sison, Sprite global brand director. “We can provide them ‘instant gratification’ through ever-changing content and the ability to immediately receive new information and entertainment.”

The program was originally tested through a partnership with McDonalds, where consumers received PIN codes at the restaurants with purchase. By the end of 2008, the Sprite Yard will be introduced in several additional markets globally.


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