Cloudera unveils development kit for Big Data

Cloud and Big Data specialist Cloudera has announced the availability of its first developer kit, catering to Apache’s open source software framework Hadoop (CDH). Cloudera has been a champion of Hadoop development, and the kit is designed to help developers to build apps in Hadoop environments faster and more easily than ever before.

Hadoop was initially inspired by papers from Google outlining its approach to handling an avalanche of data, and has since become the de facto approach for storing, processing and analyzing hundreds of terabytes, and even petabytes of data. It’s certainly causing a stir in the industry, by making compute and analytics processes on very large amounts of data not just possible but even relatively simple.

The framework is being rapidly embraced by the enterprise for its ability to capture and manage Big Data, German service provider Deutsche Telekom embraced Big Data wholeheartedly with one of Europe’s largest Hadoop clusters, but the process of building and managing Hadoop environments remains complicated and time-consuming for many developers without specialised training.

In a bid to help organisations unlock the value of their data for actionable insights and competitive advantage, the kit includes a collection of API libraries, tools, example code and documentation that help simplify the most common tasks when working with Apache Hadoop.

“At Cloudera we are not just Hadoop providers; we’re also consumers who know first-hand the challenges developers can face when working with Hadoop,” said Eric Sammer, engineering manager, Cloudera. “The new Cloudera Development Kit is one of the many ways we’re sharing our deep expertise with the community. First-time Hadoop programmers will find that CDK walks them through each step of the process, enabling them to get up and running on the platform quickly, while more-experienced developers will appreciate the flexibility of CDK to swap out different components for a completely customized experience. By making Hadoop more accessible, we are excited to help an even broader range of organizations get more value out of their data.”

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