Toshiba runs with Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft’s flashier, more consumer friendly version of the Windows Mobile platform, version 6.5, is drawing plenty of attention from handset vendors, with Toshiba stepping up as the latest manufacturer to sport a device based on the OS.

Toshiba said this week it will be releasing a Windows Mobile 6.5 version of its TG01 device on October 6. Existing owners of the handset will also be entitled to a free upgrade of the Windows operating system to the latest version.

The device features a high-resolution 4.1” Wide-VGA (800 x 480) touchscreen, 3G HSPA, wifi, A-GPS, and an SD card slot.

The latest version of the Microsoft OS will also look to cash in on the application store hype, with Windows Marketplace featuring a showcase of around 20,000 apps, of which two thirds will be targeted at consumers.

Earlier this week, Korean vendor LG hinted at three new devices based on the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. No names are available as yet, but LG has said that it will introduce a full touchscreen device, a touch slider with QWERTY keyboard and a QWERTY candy bar handset.

Also getting in on the Windows Mobile 6.5 action was HTC with the announcement of the Touch2 and Sony Ericsson with the Xperia X2.

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  1. Avatar EC 07/09/2009 @ 6:45 pm

    The Toshiba TG01 is a seriously cool device. I’m not advertising for Toshiba, simply appreciating their creativity. They’ve packed the device with some fantastic features and a cool interface that could rival the iPhone, (not to mention a screen larger than the iPhone), and so far using only Windows Mobile 6.1. I cannot wait for the free upgrade to 6.5. Hopefully it’ll also fix some of the oddities I’ve found with the device.

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