Cellular Backhaul over Satellite

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Mobile operators face intense pressure to expand networks and win new subscribers but this presents

challenges as they build into rural and remote areas with smaller populations that generate less revenue and

incur higher operating costs. Today, the boom in IP technology combined with new satellite backhaul and

mobile infrastructure developments are making such expansions economically viable.

For satellite backhaul, IP-TDMA has proven to be particularly useful, giving mobile operators a tool to cost

effectively reach new subscribers, expand coverage and maintain organic growth beyond urban areas.

This paper looks at the strategies of operators in rural and remote areas as well as available backhaul

technologies and how these are enabling profitable networks to be deployed in underserved areas. It includes

four case studies from mobile operators that have used satellite backhaul to connect remote areas and

generate new revenue.

Click here to download this paper: idirect-white-paper-v1fin

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