Telefónica launches digital security company

Spanish operator group Telefónica has launched a digital security company in a bid to drive innovation in security in the telecoms sector.

The operator has appointed security expert Chema Alonso as CEO of the firm, which it has called Eleven Paths. Alonso will bring several colleagues from the company he founded, Spanish security firm Informática 64, with him. He will report directly to CEO of Telefónica Digital Matthew Key.

According to Telefónica, Eleven Paths intends to “radically changing the way products are developed in this area”. The firm will be run as an autonomous business unit within Telefónica Digital in an effort to facilitate fast and innovative product development.

“ The digital world is changing the rules and security services need to adapt to this new challenge very fast,” said Alonso. “For us, the agreement means having the ability to create professional solutions in a faster and increasingly globalised market like the world of security. Threats are growing daily, as is the integration of our lives into the digital world; without a global platform like Telefónica Digital, with a strong presence in all layers of the internet, it is nowadays impossible to create these kinds of innovative security solutions.”

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