iPhone to land June 29

A series of adverts that aired on US TV on Sunday night revealed that the long awaited Apple iPhone is due to be released on June 29.

The ads showed off some of the gadget’s features, such as web surfing, email and video and promised that the device would only be available on the new AT&T, June 29.

Exclusive iPhone carrier partner AT&T has already said that with a two year subscription, a 4GB model will be priced at $499 and an 8GB model will sell for $599. However, it also emerged last month that a prepay version of the device could be on the cards but this would potentially add hundreds of dollars to the price, pushing it even further into the realms of luxury.

Apple head honcho, Steve Jobs, took the wraps off the gadget at the packed-to-the-rafters, MacWorld Expo in San Francisco in January.

Jobs revealed that the device combines a music player, phone and full internet browsing in a typically sexy Apple designed package. A 3.5 inch widescreen display offers touchscreen access to a widescreen iPod, capable of playing music, movies and displaying photos, as well as a phone and a rich HTML browsing client.

Wifi, Bluetooth and EDGE capabilities allow for speedy surfing and email access with built-in Safari, Google and Yahoo search and a full QWERTY soft keyboard.

In terms of extra hardware the device boasts a 2 megapixel camera, built-in speaker and microphone. Stealing an idea from the gaming market it also employs a motion sensor that detects when the device is rotated from portrait to landscape and switches the display accordingly. It also detects when it is raised to the ear, switching off the display until the call is finished.

But European users are going to be waiting another six months to get their hands on the goodies and Asian fans even longer. The device will not hit European shelves until the fourth quarter and will not make it to Asia until 2008.

The iPhone TV ads are available online here.

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