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Category nine of the LTE World Summit 2013 is the Best Chipset/Processor Product. 

For this award entrants are required to describe the traffic management product and how it contributes to making LTE more attractive for operators to deploy and has contributed to the success of a commercial LTE deployment.

The nominations are:

Broadcom: Broadcom’s 4G LTE-Advanced modem, BCM21892
Intel, Mobile and Communications Group: Intel XMM 7160 Slim Modem
Nvidia: Nvidia i500 software defined LTE modem
Qualcomm: Snapdragon
Qualcomm: RF360

Nvidia’s software defined LTE modem is based on technology it acquired from Icera, a UK-based company acquired in 2011. Steve Allpress, SVP Modem Software, NVIDIA tells us that unlike any other baseband technology, NVIDIA executes the entire modem in software on its DXP processor, and that contrary to general perception it has no power disadvantage over hardware solutions and delivers significant price and performance advantages.

The NVIDIA i500 has now been integrated at a die level to create the Tegra 4i processor aimed at the mainstream smartphone market and while it is shipping with LTE Category 3 support  as it is software based it will be upgraded to support LTE Category 4 with Carrier Aggregation when it is available.

Qualcomm has been nominated for two award and regarding the first Michelle Leyden-Li, senior director of marketing for Qualcomm says, “the Snapdragon 600 processor is to be found in many of the top smartphones of 2013 including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and LG Optimus Pro for a reason – it is designed to deliver superior quad-core mobile performance, is bundled with the richest connectivity solution including LTE and 802.11ac, and provides users with exceptional battery performance for smartphones and tablets.We want the mobile ecosystem to know that if they want superior LTE connectivity, they should look no further than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600-powered device.”

Peter Carson, also senior director of marketing for Qualcomm said that the RF360, “radically simplifies the radio frequency front-end making it possible to create one truly global design that uses less power for longer battery life, reduces development time and costs, all while improving performance.” He said he was delighted with the nomination and that he was, “keen to raise the profile of Qualcomm’s innovative work within the global LTE community.”

With a total of ten global and regional events taking place in 2013 Informa Telecoms & Media’s LTE World Series is a testament to the huge growth of the LTE eco-system. The LTE Awards 2013, collocated with the LTE World Summit, are taking place on the 25 June, at the exclusive, elegant De Duif in Amsterdam.

At the event, the very best LTE innovations of the year will be recognised and celebrated with a glamorous gala dinner, and the category winners will be set to gain global recognition in the industry for their achievements.

This year there are a total of 65 nominations across 12 categories ensuring the awards will be hotly contested and judging difficult for the 10 judges from across the operator community.

The categories in full are:

  • Best Test/Measurement LTE Product
  • Best LTE Backhaul Solution
  • Best LTE Device / Handset
  • Most Significant Development of a Commercial LTE network
  • Most Successful LTE Launch
  • Best LTE Core Network Element
  • Best LTE RAN Product
  • Best LTE Traffic Management Product
  • Best Chipset / Processor Product
  • Most Innovative LTE Application / Service
  • Best LTE Security Product
  • Best LTE Roaming Product

To find out more about the LTE Awards 2013 click here to download a flyer.

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