T-Systems’ search for suitor nearing an end?

German carrier Deutsche Telekom has reportedly found a small number of likely partners for its enterprise communications unit, T-Systems.

Although the German telco has not named names, companies such as HP, EDS, Capgemini and Tata Consulting Services have all emerged in speculation as potential candidates.

It is also thought that Deutsche Telekom is not averse to seeing T-Systems as the minority player in any prospective partnership.

The unit was further shaken up last week when Lothar Pauly, who was in charge of system business, production, IT and central procurement, requested that the DT supervisory board relieve him of his duties.

Pauly previously headed up the telecoms unit at Siemens, which is at the centre of a corruption and bribery scandal. He left the German vendor in 2005 to move to Deutsche Telekom.

No reasons were given for Pauly’s departure from the German carrier, although speculation suggests the move was to avert potential damage to Deutsche Telekom. Pauly himself does not stand accused in the corruption investigation.

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