EC to shake up telecoms regulation this year

The European Commission will push forward with proposals to create a single European telecoms regulator in October, according to reports on Friday.

Fresh from her victory over mobile roaming charges, European Commissioner for Information Society and Media, Viviane Reding, is expected to detail plans for greater powers for the EC in the form of an independent Europe-wide regulatory body.

Reding has previously hinted at reformation policies but has not put a date on their initiation, until now.

Last year, the Commissioner said, “The most effective way to achieve a real level playing field for telecom operators across the EU would, of course, be to create an independent European telecom regulator that would work together with national regulators.”

Reding believes the implementation of greater powers at an EC level would allow the Commission to ensure consistency in the remedies proposed by national regulators to enhance competition in markets dominated by one or more operators. New legislation would also cut the time in which regulators must act, a major issue in several member states.

National regulators could continue to exist after the proposed reforms, Reding said, but they would be required to work closely with the commission.

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