Korean handset manufacturer Pantech has introduced a “bone conduction” handset in Japan

The user hears the voice of the caller by placing the bone conduction speaker against their head and ‘listening’ to the vibrations against the skull.

The system has been designed to solve the problem of communicating in a noisy place but is also expected to be useful for old people and those with auditory handicaps.

The Pantech au A1407PT will be sold by Japanese operator KDDI from the end of this month.

Ihm Seong-Jae, managing director of overseas marketing for Pantech said bone conduction technology allows sound waves to be conducted through people’s skulls by vibration to be picked up by the inner ear.

“This product has greatly improved convenience for users in noisy places and provided opportunity for the people having auditory handicap and old people to use handset as well,” Ihm said.