Gateway moves in on Kenya

Pan-African network services firm Gateway Communications has scored three new licenses in Kenya, allowing it to build infrastructure in the country.

This week the Communications Commission of Kenya awarded the firm a Network Facilities Provider (NFP) Tier 2 Licence, an Application Services Provider (ASP) licence and a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) licence.

In a nutshell this means that the firm can build infrastructure in Kenya and deliver telecommunications services to end users.

Gateway will now install its own satellite teleports in Kenya as well as two terrestrial teleports in Nairobi.

“Kenya has always been considered the hub of East Africa, which means a lot of multinationals are headquartered in Nairobi, but require reliable communications up and down the East Coast,” said Silvio do Carmo, managing director for Gateway East Africa. “Gateway can now provide direct connectivity for businesses from Kenya to South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, as well as Europe and the US, with our MPLS network.”

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