Spotify makes it onto Symbian

On Monday popular music streaming service Spotify announced the launch of a mobile app for the Symbian platform, making the service potentially available on millions more devices.

Question now is whether Spotify can take the strain. The darling of the music streaming market was forced to rein-in new subscriptions to its free service in September after being overwhelmed with demand following the launch of its mobile application.

The company, which offers free ad-funded music streaming as well as premium accounts, reinstated its invite only system “due to the huge demand in the UK over the last few days since we launched our mobile service.”

Spotify already has an iPhone app and a version for the Android platform, which are only available as a premium service, priced at £9.99 per month, removing audio adverts delivered to users of the free offering every few songs. Mobile versions of Spotify boast an offline mode that makes playlists available at all times, even when no wifi or cellular connection is available.

In the meantime potential Spotify users will have to get an invite from a friend or sign up to the waiting list, or just shell out £9.99 for a premium account.

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