Marketing Director, TV & Media, Ericsson: “The growth of mobile network traffic has created a significant challenge for mobile operators”

Following the successful LTE Awards 2013, we speak to Alexander Sem, Marketing Director, TV & Media, Ericsson, winners of the Most Innovative LTE Application/Service category.

Tell us more about your entry for the LTE Awards 2013

The proliferation of mobile devices, mobile content and 4G LTE networks has led to a boom in mobile-video and digital media usage. To respond to the growing need for video over mobile networks, Ericsson launched an exclusive end-to-end LTE Broadcast solution to offer the highest-quality video content for popular events with guaranteed delivery. The Ericsson LTE Broadcast solution takes full advantage of our unique background in wireless and video compression, uniting three key technologies (eMBMS, HEVC & MPEG-DASH) to create a complete, end-to-end solution including consulting and system integration services.

What do you think made your entry stand out from the crowd?

Ericsson’s LTE Broadcast solution is the world’s first complete solution for broadcast video over LTE networks and will address the growing consumer demand for mobile video viewing. Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution provides operators with techniques to deliver consistent service quality, even in tightly crowded areas, such as stadiums and crowded city centres. The solution lifts the video experience to a new level, offering the highest-quality video content for popular events with guaranteed delivery. Ericsson’s consulting and system integration services provides the high level technical, operational and business capabilities required to secure an end-to-end solution that meets time to market demands.

How will your product evolve and improve in the future?

Thanks to our global team of researchers at Ericsson ConsumerLab, we are confident in our ability to maintain and even strengthen our innovation as a global industry thought leader. Ericsson’s LTE broadcast solution is uniquely flexible, supporting a virtually unlimited number of users, thereby maintaining efficient use of spectrum and network investments. By supporting greater efficiencies in the delivery of content to all devices, Ericsson’s new video over LTE solution will offer greater personalisation of TV experiences, while continuing to provide a number of new services and business opportunities in the mobile media era.

What trends do you see ahead for the industry for the next 12 months?

The mobile internet experience is becoming more pervasive; the smartphone or any smart mobile device has become instrumental within our lives. Always within arm’s reach, allowing us instant access to information entertainment and social interaction, these smart devices are having a two-fold effect; they are enabling new user behaviour and importantly and they are fuelling increased consumer expectations of mobile network quality. Mobile devices, such as the smartphone, and the increasing prevalence of superfast LTE networks are becoming a natural part of the video and TV experience.

What are the biggest challenges the lie ahead for LTE?

Based on our Ericsson Mobility Report, video is the biggest contributor to mobile-traffic volumes, accounting for more than 50 per cent. And the growth of traffic is expected to continue, increasing 12-fold by 2018. The proliferation of mobile devices and mobile content has led to a boom in mobile-video and digital media usage. Managing the growth of mobile-network traffic has created a significant challenge for mobile network operators, which need to optimise their networks to accommodate the increase in demand.

What impact has winning this award had for your business?

Ericsson’s benefit from winning this award would be the promotion of our LTE Broadcast solution with a successful reference case. This award furthers strengths Ericsson’s reputation as a change agent for TV, as we strive to harmonise and create solutions that are sustainable and based on standards.


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