Apple sets out mobile advertising stall

Maybe it’s just coincidence, but on the same day Google upped its game in the mobile handset space, Apple upped its own in the mobile advertising arena.

On Tuesday, Apple confirmed rumours that it has acquired mobile advertising firm Quattro Wireless, something of a competitor to Google-owned Admob.

Terms of the deal weren’t released but Apple is thought to have spent in the region of $250m and $275m on the purchase.

The Quattro advertising network offers display advertising, SMS/MMS/shortcodes, rich media, video and custom programs including in-app advertising. The company has its own Q Deliver ad server, Q Elevation targeting platform and Q Analytics analytics engine, which may suggest that Apple has plans to encroach upon Google’s territory in the mobile advertising space.

In another bid to take the shine off Google’s Nexus One announcement Apple was also blowing its trumpet about the fact that more than three billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store in the 18 months since the shop front opened its doors. Android Market and the other app stores certainly have their work cut out for them in order to reach these kinds of numbers.

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  1. Avatar App Developer 06/01/2010 @ 3:47 pm

    It’s good that Apple has some serious competition now.
    Apple and Google seem to understand the smartphone market in a different way to RIM and MS (although including MS in the line-up feels odd); I suspect A&G’s understanding is better.
    It looks like there’s going to be a balance in competition in the mobile advertising arena – Apple coming from a hardware angle and Google coming from an advertising model it should be good for consumers, and advertisers… win, win – unless you’re a telco?

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