Swiss Post trials SMS stamps

post-uk-schweizer-unesco-248-212The Swiss postal service Swiss Post has launched a trial that will allow consumers to pay to send letters using premium SMS. If a customer who wants to send a letter has no stamps they can text “STAMP” to a dedicated short number and receive a numerical code in return. If they write this code on the envelope where they would normally attach a stamp delivery will be authorised.

The cost of the service is CHF1.20 (€0.97) and local operators Swisscom and Sunrise are partnering Swiss Post in the trial, billing customers for each use of the service by reducing credit for prepaid customers and adding the cost to the bill of postpaid customers.

Swiss Post has offered a service that allows users to print stamps from their home since 2006.

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  1. Avatar Kenn 04/09/2013 @ 4:56 pm

    For sure nothing new about this. This has been possible the oast few years in Denmark with Post Danmark. SMS a shortnumber with a code desceibing what stamp you want, and you get a text with a 9 digit code you can write where you would nornally place a stamp.

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