The already clouded waters of cellular technology patent disputes were muddied further on Wednesday, when US chip shop Qualcomm scored a minor victory against Nokia.

This week, the District Court in The Hague dismissed a complaint filed by Nokia seeking to limit Qualcomm’s intellectual property rights.

Tensions between the two firms have been strained since the companies’ pre-existing cross licensing agreement expired in April of this year.

In a nutshell, Nokia now argues that it should not have to pay patent fees for Qualcomm provided technology because it has already been licensed by Texas Instruments, one of Nokia’s key chip suppliers.

However, the court said that its jurisdiction applied only to the Netherlands and would not apply to any other countries in Europe. Last month, the Regional Court of Mannheim, Germany dismissed similar claims by Nokia.

Secondly, the Dutch court admitted that it only dismissed Nokia’s complaint on account of it being too vague and non-specific.

Nokia has three months to appeal the Court’s decision.