Far EasTone launches WiMAX in Taiwan

Taiwanese operator Far EasTone (FET) this week launched its commercial WiMAX service in Taichung city, delivering entertainment focused content such as music and movies as well as wireless internet access.

The carrier is not expected to deliver voice services over WiMAX for fear of impacting its existing cellular user base. FET is the third largest operator in Taiwan, with 6.2 million GSM and WCDMA subscribers, of which 1.5 million are on the 3G network.

Motorola’s Home & Networks Mobility division delivered the kit for the rollout, which FET is pitching as a low cost alternative to home DSL. It also supports nomadic usage by business users and consumers and claims the connection is accommodating for heavy mobile internet users who often download large files and movies, music or gaming on the go.

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