Wireless charging tech with 30ft range showcased

Wireless technology provider Ossia this week showcased Cota, a remote wireless power system that automatically delivers targeted energy to multiple devices from as far away as 30ft without requiring line of sight.

The firm said that the 30ft range is enough distance to cover an average two-story home, and consumers will be able to use Cota to charge or power devices beyond smartphones, such as remote controls, cameras, video game controllers, flashlights and smoke detectors.

The firm’s patented smart antenna technology uses phased arrays to transfer power without the use of inductive coils, ultrasonic waves, magnetic resonance, charging pads or mats.

It consists of two parts: a charger and a receiver: the Cota-powered charger automatically locates Cota receivers built into devices or batteries, and delivers signals to them. It continuously streams power to multiple devices, even as they move around a room.

Under license from Ossia, consumer electronics manufacturers can include Cota receivers in new products and will build their own branded Cota transmitters.  Existing battery-powered devices can also be easily retrofitted with Cota receivers, according to Ossia.

“We have been developing the Cota technology in stealth for the last six years,” said CEO, Hatem Zeine. “By revealing for the very first time real wireless power that is remote, efficient and safe, Ossia expects to change everything you think you know about wireless power.”

He added that the technology will allow device makers to create products that only exist in a completely wireless state yet are “always on and always ready”.

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