Back to the future

With December almost upon us and Thanksgiving taking place in the US, you can already feel the telecoms industry settling down to hibernate until January. With not an awful lot else going on Amazon managed to grab good coverage for the launch of its Kindle electronic book thingy.

Given the science fiction heritage of the electronic book, reactions were mixed. Some, like Dean Bubley at Disruptive Analysis, were unconvinced, although the device did sell out within hours of launch. But one of the most interesting concepts is that the Web 2.0 powers of the Kindle book will kick start a whole ‘Book 2.0’ movement. Just think – authors will be able to update their works dynamically, readers might even be able to contribute to the story – it would be a book wiki, powered by user generated content.

Meanwhile, Ericsson was probably glad of all the Kindle hype, taking some of the spotlight off the warning that its fourth quarter results were likely to be at the lower end of guidance. Ovum analyst, Martin Garner, notes the fear of a recession in developed markets that could eventually mean, for vendors like Ericsson, that higher margin network upgrade projects would slip, or face cancellation.

Apple and T-Mobile Germany were probably trying to stay out of the limelight this week as well, after Vodafone Germany won an injunction forcing the companies to sell an unlocked version of the iPhone.

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