ST-Ericsson, Broadcom get behind Android

Mobile operating system Android continues to win support, with chip makers ST-Ericsson and Broadcom this week announcing mobile platforms catering to the OS.

ST-Ericsson claims its offering would allow device manufacturers to produce smartphones with a wholesale price of less than €100, using its “highly-integrated and very power-efficient platform” – the U6715. The unit caters for navigation, web browsing, video streaming, email, wifi, a five megapixel camera, and touch screen, as well as incorporating an HSDPA modem.

The first devices using the U6715 chipset will appear in the first half of 2010, the company said.

Meanwhile, US chip firm Broadcom said it will be supporting Android across its range of wireless connectivity platforms, adding support for Bluetooth, wifi, Chinese security standard WAPI, and GPS.

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