Wireless security developer SMobile Systems claims to have created one of the first applications for Google’s Android mobile operating system.

SMobile has made a mobile security offering, called SecurityShield, featuring antivirus, anti spam and firewall protection available on the platform.

Although Android is based on Linux, which is widely seen as a more secure operating system, SMobile doesn’t seem to have much faith in the security of Google’s own applications.

“SMobile believes that the Linux-based operating system will quickly enable hackers to explore and eventually exploit any security holes in the core Google software as well as third party software, allowing phishers, spammers, and others to look for ways to target user’s information for ill intent,” said George Tuvell, chief technology officer at SMobile.

SMobile also plans on creating new security products specifically tailored to Android, including an advanced application level firewall and system monitor. Tuvell said that currently, the Android platform does not allow the user to decide whether an application can make phones calls, send text or multi-media messages or make connections to the internet during normal device use.

“This means that a virus can pose as an application and do things like dial phone numbers, send text messages and other functions that can cost the user money and leave their highly personal information vulnerable.”

Meanwhile, with the Android SDK available and more information coming to light, some industry watchers have expressed concern that the platform does not support SIP or IMS out of the box. However, it could simply be that Google and the Open Handset Alliance are leaving this job to third party developers.