Just days after Ed Zander announced that he is to step down from his role as chief executive officer at Motorola, the beleaguered kit maker has also lost its head of technology.

Telecoms.com doesn’t remember seeing an announcement on the departure of Padmasree Warrior as Moto’s chief technology officer, but the US firm has been busy deleting references to her from its web site, including her biography and professional blog.

One company not keeping quiet on Warrior’s whereabouts is networking giant Cisco, where she turned up Tuesday, taking the role of chief technology officer.

According to a statement on the Cisco website, Warrior will work closely with Cisco’s chief development officer “to drive innovation and explore new business and technology directions,” reporting directly to Cisco’s chairman and chief executive officer, John Chambers.

In her first posting on the official Cisco blog, Warrior said: “I am eager to bring to Cisco my technical expertise, over 20 years of experience in many aspects of the communications industry, a global bent of mind and an energizing leadership style. As we get to know each other, you will also see me as a tireless champion for innovation and inclusion. I enjoy envisioning and creating the future, and leveraging technology leadership for business growth. Expertise, experience, energy – these exemplify my platform for achievement.”