UK 3G operator 3 reckons it’s come up with a novel music service in the shape of its Non Stop Music offering, launched on Thursday.

The service gives customers unlimited access to eight genre-based music streams, ranging from ‘dance’ to ‘classic’ at a price of £0.49 for 24 hours.

But we can’t help but think that this sounds an awful lot like radio you have to pay for, only it’s not even that – each station is on a 4 hour loop and the playlist is only updated once a week.

Swedish vendor Ericsson is providing all the back end gubbins for the service and has also been contracted to take over end to end responsibility for music services to be rolled out on behalf of 3 Scandinavia in Sweden and Denmark.

Ericsson UK has created a Digital Content & Services specifically to address opportunities in the UK marketplace, including music, mobile TV, web, mobile broadband and IPTV.