Nokia snaps up mobile browser firm Novarra

Perhaps more evidence that Nokia is increasingly going up against Google in the Finnish firm’s traditional domain? Late Friday Nokia announced the acquisition of privately held mobile browser developer Novarra for an undisclosed sum.

The Chicago –based firm, which develops mobile internet browsers, is not exactly a household name, which may be surprising given that it has a part in the mobile internet experience on more than one billion handsets worldwide. As the company says: “One quarter of all users globally have access to some form of mobile internet service via the Novarra platform today – perhaps without even realizing Novarra is behind their mobile internet experience.”

Nokia, which bought the company for an undisclosed sum, said that Novarra’s mobile browser and services platform will be used by Nokia to deliver enhanced internet experiences on its Symbian Series 40 devices – the world’s most widely used handset operating system.

The handset vendor said it “expects a new service offering utilizing the Novarra technology platform to be available later this year.” Sounds exciting, but will it top the stunt Nokia pulled when it disrupted the mobile location market by making maps and navigation services free?

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