Yahoo makes mobile move

Internet company Yahoo is following Google’s lead and is set to launch a new assault on the mobile space on Monday.

At the mammoth Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off in Las Vegas on Monday, the web firm will announce a platform which promises to help developers get their applications onto mobile devices.

Yahoo will open up its Go mobile platform to third party developers, allowing them to create widgets that will run across a wide variety of handsets without the need for rewriting them for each device.

The company will also launch a revamped version of many of its own services for the mobile platform.

 “Yahoo! is leading and enabling the mobile ecosystem by partnering with some of the most recognized consumer brands, including eBay, MySpace and MTV further extending their mobile presence and providing mobile consumers with the content they desire,” said Marco Boerries, executive vice president for Connected Lif e at Yahoo. “By providing all developers access to our Mobile Widget Platform and giving them the necessary tools to create, we are setting the stage for dramatic growth in the number of third party widgets and creating an innovative new experience that we believe will ultimately drive further adoption of mobile services.”

But Yahoo’s efforts are not as far reaching as rival Google, which last year introduced its own Linux-based fully integrated mobile “software stack”, consisting of an operating system, middleware, user-friendly interface and applications, in the shape of Android.


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