Orange puts own brand on LTE, Android smartphones

Operator group Orange has launched two own branded smartphones in a bid to offer devices at more accessible prices. The Orange Yumo and Orange Hiro add to the operator’s existing original device manufacture (ODM) range and will be available in certain markets in November. Exact pricing will be announced with local availability.

The Orange Yumo is Orange’s second 4G handset and will initially be launched in in Spain and Romania. The Orange Hiro, which Orange said is one of its most affordable Android smartphones yet, will launch in France, Spain, Slovakia and Romania.

“Our customers are clearly telling us that they want the best smartphone experience, but that value for money is increasingly important,” explained Yves Maitre, executive VP of mobile multimedia and devices at Orange.

“The popularity of  Orange smartphones across our European markets shows that we are delivering phones with great performance and cutting edge features like 4G, combined with the right package of services and the right price. The 4G Orange Yumo will allow many of our customers to experience 4G for the first time, and the Orange Hiro will provide an outstanding smartphone experience to our customers who may be trying their first smartphone.”

The Orange Yumo runs on the Android Jelly Bean operating system, and features a 5 inch HD screen, HD voice, and an 8 megapixel camera. The phone includes 8GB of storage and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor.

The Orange Hiro has a 7.9mm profile, a 4.3 inch IPS screen, and also runs on Jelly Bean. It also features a 5 megapixel camera, a dual core 1.3 GHz processor, and HD voice.

Orange is big on branding its own interface and all Orange smartphones use the operator’s own home screen; a simplified user interface designed to help first-time smartphone users learn how to get the most of their phone. “Orange Gestures” also come as standard on all Orange smartphones , allowing customers to draw intuitive gestures on their home screen to quickly access their favourite contacts, applications, and services.  Orange Assistant takes customers through the initial setup of their smartphone and has to provides additional tutorials and tips for first-time users.

The operator added that this summer, its Orange Daytona smartphone sold 50 per cent more than all other phones sold by Orange in Spain. The Orange Nivo was the best-selling smartphone in Romania, which the operator said has driven a jump in smartphone adoption in the country. Smartphone adoption is growing in Orange Romania, and smartphone sales saw a year on year increase of 101 per cent amongst Orange customers due in part to the popularity of the Orange San Remo and Orange Nivo.

Globally, the market share of Orange smartphones has increased by nearly 40 per cent year on year, the operator added.


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