Developers get tools for Samsung Bada OS

Developers keen to start working with Samsung’s new proprietary operating system, Bada, can now get their hands dirty, with the release of SDK 1.0.0b2.

The development kit is available to all interested developers and includes APIs, a user interface builder, a simulator and a debugger.

First announced in November 2009, Bada is based on the existing Samsung proprietary OS and features an access layer on top that allows the vendor to open it up to the developer community. Samsung admits that, essentially, there is nothing new in the Bada proposition. An existing operating system, UI technology and industrial design expertise are the three prongs of the Bada trident – but they will not be effective without a thriving community of capable developers. The firm said that it will drive developer interest through cash prizes as well as events held in Seoul, London and San Francisco.

The Bada experience will be touchscreen based, with the the touch interface becoming “the main focus of [Samsung’s] mobile strategy”.

Samsung is careful to involve itself in a variety of top-tier smartphone OS community projects but the firm clearly believes that collaboration will not bring the smartphones to the mass market with sufficient alacrity, or at a cost point that will allow them to be bought by a wide audience.

Developers will still have to wait a few months to see their creations running on commercially available hardware however. The Wave, which is Samsung’s first device to use the Bada OS, was due to launch before mid year, but this is now looking unlikely. Third quarter maybe?

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